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Frequently Asked Questions

TORQ Physical Therapy provides exceptional service that allows patients to take control of their own health independently, without having to rely on the medical system. Our private, individualized sessions are designed to provide consistent and creative treatments.

TORQ PT offers an affordable direct-pay option or billing through patients’ insurance benefits. Our direct-pay method is an affordable way for patients who are un-insured, underinsured, have high deductibles, or would just prefer to use direct pay to receive high-quality care. For those who would choose to use their insurance benefits, we accept many common insurances. For more information, please see below!

Do I need a Doctor's Prescription to receive treatment at TORQ PT?

Nope! Physical Therapists in NJ have Direct Access, meaning no physician prescription is required in order to receive physical therapy services. This saves you time and money, getting you the treatment you need, right when you need it. No more wasting time or money waiting for appointments just to get a referral!

Do you take insurance?

TORQ PT accepts most major insurance carriers. As all plans are different, please contact us to verify your coverage!

Phone: 856-360-5630
Email: [email protected] 

Why should I Choose TORQ over other Clinics?

At TORQ Physical Therapy, we are dedicated to treating you as a human, not a number. We are the only private, one-on-one clinic in this area. Unlike other clinics, we will never have you perform the same exercises over and over, we will not require you to come 3 times per week, and we are firm believers in hands-on therapy, including massage and stretching. 

Many other clinics will overutilize your insurance coverage, making you perform unnecessary exercises that do not have any benefit to you. Additionally, you are typically left alone to perform these exercises or are following the orders of an unlicensed “tech.”

At TORQ, you will have the full, undivided attention of your Physical Therapy professional. Because of our treatment approach, patients require less visits, as they are able to reach their goals much faster with unmatched results. 

What forms of payment do you take?

HSA, FSA, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX) and cash.

What if I have Medicare?

TORQ Physical Therapy is in-network with Medicare. This means as a Medicare Beneficiary, you can see us for covered Physical Therapy services! Give us a call today to verify your coverage!

Do you offer non-medical services?

Yes! We offer services that would be considered non-medically necessary. These include Massage & Bodywork (Cup, Scrape, Tape), Personal Training, and Stretch Therapy. Please visit our Services page for more information on each service!