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TORQ Physical Therapy:

Live the life you love without pain medications, injections, and costly surgeries.

TORQ Physical Therapy offers a hands-on approach to physical therapy and recovery. Proudly serving Riverton, Palmyra, Cinnaminson, Delran, Moorestown, Mount Laurel, Maple Shade, and the surrounding Burlington County areas!

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We do not require a prescription to see you for Physical Therapy or other services, therefore most appointments can be made within 24 hours to maximize your time inside and outside of the clinic!

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The TORQ Patient Experience

George A.
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Dr Alex has really helped me with some old weight training shoulder issues. He is by far the best and is very positive on resolving my injuries. He and Kim are special people!
Robert M.
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I have to tell you Dr. Alex is amazing! As a former college wrestler/athlete, fitness fanatic and just all around active person. I have had problems with my shoulders, lower back, neck and wrists for quite some time due to the wear and tear of intense physical activity. Told Dr. Alex exactly every detail and together with some rehab, home exercises and stretching I was able to tackle each and every issue more and more after my visits. I became truly addicted to diagnosing every issue I was having and Dr. Alex happily obliged in helping me seek a healthy and creative outcome to lessen or completely rid myself of these painful issues I’d been having. I am truly thankful for Torq PT and will be a lifetime client!! I encourage all people of all ages to head on over and see the magic of a little self care and PT can do for you! Thank you Dr. Alex!!!
Margie K.
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The place is clean, clean, clean. And Dr. Alex knows what he is doing. After a few treatments, my back pain was resolved. He used manual physical therapy and I feel great! He also gave me good advice on how to keep my back and knees healthy. He helped my husband, too, who had pain in his wrists and hands from bowling. My hubby is an avid bowler. And, he tells me if your wrists and hands hurt, you don't bowl your best game!
Mike P.
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I was unable to run without pain in my foot so I decided to approach Doctor Alex. He thoroughly assessed my issue, not only assessing the one area, but scanning my entire body for the root of the problem. He noticed that my foot pain was an overarching issue of my hips and back. He was able to come up with a personalized plan of around 5 exercises that I could do in my own time at home. With his care, I have no pain and he has retaught me how to run, optimizing my performance and eliminating my issue permanently.
Marina T.
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I was having severe pain in my feet (plantar fasciitis) during my third trimester and nothing was helping. Dr Alex Miscannon was a life saver! He explained everything so well and had me out of pain after just a few visits. I was able to resume my daily walks for the remainder of my pregnancy with absolutely no pain. Highly recommend for quick pain relief!
Joseph J.
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Very knowledgeable and helpful. I got to see Dr. Alex day of my ankle sprain and helped me get back on the field within a week.
William M.
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I found TORQ by coming to Riverton Health and Fitness Center. Being the owner of a hair salon, I am on my feet all day and suffer from shoulder and neck pain. Doctor Alex has helped me through my pain and I feel myself standing much taller and feeling less pain when I work. I would recommend TORQ to anyone who is in pain and prefers a more one-on-one environment.
Jenny V.
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After a neck and shoulder injury in early October, with weeks of pain, discomfort and little sleep, I visited Dr. Miscannon on the advice of a friend. Within a very short time of doing the exercises and movements that the doctor recommended, I was feeling much better, very quickly. Dr. Miscannon and his assistant were kind, polite, knowledgeable and professional. I feel like a new person and I am so glad I took my friend's advice. I highly recommend TORQ!!
Joseph R.
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I was diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis in both legs as well as spinal stenosis which left me hopeless for what the future held for me. I reached out to Doctor Alex at TORQ and he was able to ease my worries and gave me a thorough, personalized plan to help me reach my goals and keep me moving!
Christopher L.
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Between being an athlete my entire life and lifting weights for the past 20 years, my body's been through the ringer. After almost a year of jumping from 2 chiropractors, other physical therapists, acupuncture, and yoga to alleviate excruciating sciatica, hip pain, and low back pain I happened to stumble upon TORQ. Dr. Alex took his time to assess my issues, gave a me a comprehensive movement screen, took a 'hands on' approach to treatment, and gave me a plan of action to do at home on Day 1. The appointment started on time (which is super important to me as a business owner), he was very thorough, and I never felt rushed out of my appointment. He and Kim are extremely professional and knowledgeable, and were very confident they could get me back to handling the weights I used to before my injuries. The best in the business. Highly recommended.

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