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Feeling frustrated? Are you not able to do the things you once were able to? Is pain causing you to sacrifice quality of life? If so, you've come to the right place! Welcome to TORQ Physical Therapy!

Live the life you love without Pain medications, injections, or costly surgeries.

Private, one-on-one Physical Therapy and Recovery

TORQ PT offers a hands-on approach to physical therapy & recovery. Proudly serving Riverton, Palmyra, Cinnaminson, Riverside, Delran, Moorestown, Mount Laurel, Maple Shade, and the surrounding New Jersey areas!

Unsure if TORQ Physical Therapy is the right fit for you?

Free Discovery Visit

We understand if you feel unsure if Physical Therapy is right for you. Our commitment to your health is to offer a low stress and caring environment for you to best understand your condition. A combination of education regarding your condition and solutions to overcome it allow you to take control of your health. Our discovery visits allow you to learn how TORQ Physical Therapy can bring you to your goals and desired outcomes. Please click the button below to apply for you free discovery visit!

Talk to a Physical Therapist First

If you’re not quite ready to make an in-person appointment with a Physical Therapist, but still have some questions, we are always available to you! TORQ Physical Therapy offers scheduled phone calls where you can ask any questions or talk about any concerns you have and we can personally answer them to make sure we can help you 100% before you make your decision. Please click the button below to schedule your free telephone consultation!

Want some help?

Download one of ourĀ freeĀ e-books to learn how you can make progress on living pain and injury free right away.

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Runner's Toolbox Kit

From Couch to 5k to your next Ultra Marathon, The Runner's Toolbox Kit has you covered!

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Back Pain & Sciatica Secrets

Learn quick and easy ways to end back pain and stiffness - the natural way.

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Pain FREE Adulthood

Getting older does not mean you have to live in pain.

What people say about TORQ Physical Therapy...

I had been suffering from low back pain, which was affecting my career as well as my personal life. As a mother of 3 active children, I was unable to participate in family activities without feeling significant pain. At one point I even considered switching careers to a desk job because standing on my feet all day as a Cosmetologist took a huge toll on my body. After seeing Alex, I immediately felt relief and have been seeing improvements in my recovery. I feel like I can finally enjoy the little things in life again!
Stacy B.
I was unable to run without pain in my foot so I decided to approach Doctor Alex. He thoroughly assessed my issue, not only assessing the one area, but scanning my entire body for the root of the problem. He noticed that my foot pain was an overarching issue of my hips and back. He was able to come up with a personalized plan of around 5 exercises that I could do in my own time at home. With his care, I have no pain and he has retaught me how to run, optimizing my performance and eliminating my issue permanently.
Mike P.
I have had back pain for many years. In the past when I used a physical therapist I was rushed by the therapist and basically left to perform exercises on my own. TORQ worked with me as an individual not as someone who was just passing through. I have never had the individual attention that Dr Alex Miscannon gave to MY physical issues. I walked out of his office feeling much much better after he worked through my various problems. The facility was spotlessly clean with all the necessary equipment.
James N.