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Running Magazine by Torq PT!

From the author:


This Running Magazine is the perfect resource for runners of any skill level. Whether you’re starting a Couch 2 5k program or training for your 10th marathon, this magazine has exclusive info written by us here at TORQ PT!

I’m so excited for you to see what we’ve worked so hard on. My hope is that you find the information, tips, and tricks in this magazine helpful and beneficial to your current or future running career.

There is a limited number of free copies…so please request yours below TODAY!


Learn about the most common injuries runners may endure throughout their careers.

Running Shoes

Our take on the infamous running shoe debate. Learn tips and tricks to decide what to pick for your next pair!

Featured Patient

Hear from a fellow runner who sought treatment from TORQ PT and how he was able to achieve success.

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TORQ PT MAGAZINE: The Runner's Toolbox Kit

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