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Relax, Recover and Recharge…With Air? Discover 5 of the Many Benefits of Air Compression Therapy

Recovery is a big factor in performance and injury prevention. We are happy to provide many services to our patients to enhance their recovery including the Air Relax dynamic compression system!

The Air Relax Compression system is comprised of an air compressor and two full-leg sleeves with four chambers. The system inflates and deflates with air so that each chamber of the sleeve applies direct pressure to the muscles in the legs. This compression temporarily restricts blood flow to the area. Upon release, nutrient-rich blood rushes through the muscle tissues, allowing for the healthy nutrient-rich blood to replace blood that contains toxins (such as lactic acid). The purpose of this exchange is to decrease the build up of these toxins to speed up the body’s natural recovery process and reduce the effects of muscle soreness!

What are the benefits of dynamic air compression therapy?

Reduce Injury Risk and Fatigue: Dynamic air compression helps to remove waste products from the blood and reduces risk of injuries and delayed onset muscle soreness known as DOMS.

Train Harder: Regular compression therapy after training has been shown to significantly increase performance in both sport and everyday fitness.

Recover Faster: Reduce lactic acid buildup and boost oxygen distribution to significantly speed up recovery times.

Increase Range of Motion: Just 15 minutes of compression therapy has been shown to improve range of motion and flexibility, which is a key part of physical fitness.

Improved Performance: The combined benefits of compression therapy (promotes blood circulation, oxygen distribution, helps clear lactic acid, reduces muscle soreness, stiffness, and fatigue) makes it an essential part of every athlete’s regime.

This machine is definitely a part of my everyday regime and I think everybody should try it at least once! Here’s a summary of reasons why you need to try this modality:

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Promotion of lymphatic fluid circulation
  • Removal of lactic acid
  • Reduction of inflammation, soreness, and stiffness
  • Improved flexibility
  • Stimulated recovery
  • Enhanced performance