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Mon-Fri: 7:00AM-8:00PM
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Recovery & Stretching

The time you put into your health in fitness is just as important as your recovery. TORQ PT offers stretch and recovery sessions used by professional athletes to assist in our patient’s recovery.

Why get stretched?

Get all the benefits of stretching, without having to do the work! That’s right. You can come to TORQ PT and the Physical Therapist will provide a thorough assessment of your body to determine what needs to be stretched. Then, you get to sit back, relax, and enjoy the benefits!

These benefits include:

  • Decreased muscle and joint pain
  • Improved posture
  • Increased motion and flexibility
  • Stress reduction
  • Enhanced physical and athletic performance
  • and so much more!


To enhance your stretch session, TORQ PT also offers other modalities, such as hot and cold therapies and vibration massage to enhance the effects of the stretch. These modalities can also be used alone in a recovery session.

We are conveniently located within Riverton Health & Fitness Center, so our Recovery & Stretching appointments are perfect for those who want to recover after a heavy workout!